Hi, I'm Amelia.

I am a Web Developer, Artist, and Writer.

To me creativity is magic to learn and wield.
With a sketchbook for a wand and a laptop as my cauldron, I brew blog potions, conjure up artistic creations, and cast social media spells.



Need a website or have one that needs a little sprucing up? I specialize in WordPress focusing on clean, user-friendly, responsive designs.


Pet portrait of a furry companion? Mascot or logo for your business? Personalized gift for friends or family? I offer custom digital commissions.


Looking for a copywriter? Perhaps a guest blog, or someone to help with your editing? I love providing feedback or creating content!


There is a story inside every one of us.

One of my first dreams was to be an Author. As a child I used to make my own books, bound in colourful construction paper and unevenly stapled together.

As I grew so did my fear and expectations, and I put that dream aside. The writing never ceased, it merely took a backseat while I focused on other work. My words became something private, a hobby for me to enjoy, but not to share.

But that dream never died, it merely waited for me. As time passed it grew impatient, occasionally reminding me it was there. Finally, I realized I could no longer ignore it, and dove headfirst into writing passionately.

Now, I'm currently working on the second draft of my first novel.

Will it be published? I don't know, but I will try. Whatever happens, now that the gates have burst open I can never stop telling my stories!

I am a wanderer.
A colourful explorer.
I continuously seek adventure,
and find inspiration in the world around me.



Creative Kitty

Currently living in beautiful Victoria, BC with my trusty cat sidekick.

When I’m not working on websites or graphics, I can be found working on my novel, playing games, going on hikes, or binge-watching Netflix.